Start Living Right is a boutique health club which focuses on the quality of our members. For this reason, we have a limit to how many members we accept to keep the gym spacious and to avoid becoming overcrowded.


We focus on long-term relationships with our clients and believe a minimum of three months is necessary to see a positive lifestyle change. We offer three months, six months and one year memberships which offer many special benefits.


We have a special ultimate package which we to offer to anyone looking to transform their body and change their life. All you need to do is show up and we handle everything for you, from personal training to customized diet plans. This special package also includes motivational sessions with the owner Maya Nassar Maalouf to help you set goals and stay on track.


We also help members who live far and are not able to become members in our gym. They visit us once a month and we provide them with tailor made diet plans and exercise programs that they can do at home or in any gym close to where they live. We offer them unlimited support throughout the month and update their plans on a monthly basis. We also monitor their progress and set new goals together.