Personal Training

We have a specialized team of fitness experts who are ready to work with you privately and help you reach your fitness goals. At Start Living Right, we design exercise programs that are unique for every client. Before beginning your session, we start off with an assessment and functional movement screening (FMS) test.

Functional movement screening (FMS) test

We offer an FMS test to our members to measure joint mobility and stability. Based on this test, we are then able to design a unique exercise program which focuses on improving weaknesses and overall physical strength. We perform FMS tests for members who sign up for personal training and also as an extra service to members who would like an exercise program but wish to train alone.

Sports nutrition

We have our own in-house sports nutritionist who offers customized diet plans to help our clients reach their goals. Our nutritionist prescribes healthy and well-balanced eating plans and is also available to work with our personal trainers for the ultimate training and diet plan.


We have our own physiotherapy clinic available at Start Living Right where we offer recovery and rehabilitative services to our members. Our in-house physiotherapist works privately with our members in our fully equipped physio room and is also available for sports massages.

Laundry services

Start Living Right has an exclusive collaboration with Pure Laundry Spa and we offer drop off and pick up laundry services. Our members can drop off their dirty laundry after their workout and pick it up freshly cleaned a few days later. Our priority is to offer reliable and convenient services to our members.

Start Living Right bar

We have our own bar that offers healthy food, drinks, snacks and supplements. Our delicious food is exclusively catered by Lily’s café in Downtown Beirut and is freshly delivered daily. We also offer tasty smoothies, protein shakes and lots of other healthy and low calorie snacks that members can enjoy after their workout. Our bar gives a real boost to our fitness community as members enjoy hanging out and socializing after their workout.

Our assessment room

We have our own fully equipped assessment room where we do consultations with our personal trainers and sports nutritionist. We have our own InBody machine which measures body composition including overall body weight, body fat, muscle mass, water weight and general health and fitness. Our machine is available to all members who wish to have a detailed analysis of their fitness progress and body composition.

Fully equipped gym and rooftop pool

At Start Living Right, we have a fully equipped gym which caters to all fitness levels. We offer a spacious weightlifting section, the latest machines, two functional rooms and cardio facilities which face large-sized glass windows with unobstructed sea views. We also have our own rooftop pool and terrace where members can relax and unwind after a workout or take part in aqua gym classes.

A wide variety of classes

At Start Living Right, we have a wide range of fun and exciting classes. We offer high energy classes such as boxing or spinning, or more relaxed and light classes such as stretching and yoga. We work with a team of professional instructors who make the classes fun for all our members an are also able to adapt classes for all fitness levels so everyone can take part. Click here to see a complete list of all the classes that we offer.